David Grillo presents his F/W 18 total look collection, for a woman who has an ethereal and romantic femininity. The silky lightweight fabrics are warmed by the presence of woolen and cashmere knitwear together with the coats, creating a cozy feeling that gives the collection an aspect of wealth without an age. Warm, golden colors shine with their own light and contrast the color of the deep sea like rays of light inspired by the songs of ancient pre-Raphaelite sirens. Shapes and details have a marine inspiration but it is eclectically mixed with lightness, surrealistic shades and prints pervaded by inspirations of ancient myths of lost worlds. The Made in Italy craftsmanship and art is the key feature of the brand.  Delicate pieces of the collection are created by the skilled hands of these tailors. The fabrics are enriched with placed printed illustrations.  Fine embroidery embellish the light silhouettes to evoke past worlds and herald the arrival of future ones.



“Poetic visions of surreal worlds, dark and deep, where soft voices illuminate the darkness with lost love songs”


Legends of ancient submerged worlds along with its precious treasures that, together with lost love, give rise to the F / W collection.

The world of the ocean is treated almost surrealistically as Salvador Dalì with flashes of violent colors breaking the most classic ones.


A sense of comfort comes from the world of the military marines with warm tricots and sailor coats, sitting on plain impalpable clothes symbolizing memories of a lost love of the muse.

The prints are almost furrowed stories like a poetic song of an impossible love.

The same poems and melodies are then embroidered as details on coats.

Small frills bring you to the female world and move shapes on multiple materials by making them float to every movement.