Davide Grillo presents his first SS 17 collection, the distinctive feature of the brand is the study of the poetic beauty and melancholy of the past inlaid with contemporary elements and fantastic visions. Eclectic inspirations form a romantic figure who likes dreaming and letting go through a gown into new worlds and stories. Pre-Raphaelite Nymphs, Dames of the ‘400, Hellenistic mythological creatures, legendary Persian goddesses, delicate women of ancient times filled with a deep love of art and aesthetics in fashion, with Eastern or Western influence. Handmade craftsmanship is the key to the brand, just as it is in art; with delicate articles that are created for the collection. Fabrics are enhanced with hand made illustrations.  Fine embroidery embellish the faint silhouette to evoke past eras and predict future ones.



I have constant dreamlike visions of my muse.


This first season I had the recurring image of a slender, translucent, impalpable woman, wrapped in a flimsy intimate negligee standing in front of a white canvas while she imprints the first textural brushstrokes, surrounded, in her studio in Rue d’Orsel, by exquisite oriental vases adorned with feathers on small ebony tables covered with fine embroidered doilies.

The wall, covered with delicate Chinese floral flaked wallpaper, is the background of this huge unfinished canvas.


Just as the creative process of the artist blends inspirational eclecticisms and multiple colors on the canvas, the mannequin in the atelier becomes the canvas on which to create my vision.